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Some love Cristiano others hate it. But you have to admit that he is a great icon in the world of sports.

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from Madrid

Stars from the show 'Alegría' met the players and had photographs taken with them after training

Members from the Cirque du Soleil visited the Real Madrid squad after the last training before the second leg of the Copa del Rey round of 32 against Olímpic Xàtiva. The 70 cast members, from 17 different countries, from the show Alegría,  that opens at the Palacio de los Deportes in Madrid today and will run until 22nd December, met Real Madrid’s players and had photographs taken with them following the training session.

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  • Germany are looking to add to their 2008 triumph while Portugal will be seeking to capture the trophy for the first time in the final at Budapest's Szusza Ferenc Stadion.

  • Portugal captain Tomás Podstawski tells which squad member is known as Abraham, whose head is too large and who should think about moving seats at dinner.

Real Madrid-PSG 01.02.2014 15:45